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Wonderfully located in a protected bay (named Socoa Bay, the only one between Arcachon and Spain), in front of the Golf of Gascogne, Saint-Jean-de-Luz is an authentical seaside resort of Atlantic Pyrenees.

Strong of her royal past legacy king Louis XIV was getting married with the Spain Infante Marie-Thérèse in Saint Jean-Baptiste Church on June, 9th on  1660.

The name of Saint-Jean-de-Luz appears through the centuries  as «  Sanctus-Johannes de Luis » at 1188 year and sent-Iean de Luz ar 1650.

The origin of her basque Name « Donibane Lohitzum » translated by « place where there  is a lot of mud » comes from the fact that the town has been built at the mouch of « La Nivelle » river.

The town situated close to Spanish border, suffered a long time from this proximity and she was burnt many times during 100 years’ war.

Since the 17th century she becames quickly prosperous thanks to her fishers, Newfound Land Explorers who were going to whale hunt and codfish fishing.

The trade with West Indies is also flourishing for her port.

The Seaside Town ,how she is now, is recent but her port was here since Prehistory.

Finally, Saint Jean de Luzi s well known for her traditional St Jean parties which are going on every year during 5 days to celebrate summer solstice.

Participants are red and black dressed (Corsairs’ colors).

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